SIRO : multi-purpose smartphone robot

Bonavision, Inc. presents the multipurpose transformable Smartphone Robot called SIRO (Intelligent Smart phone Robot) in ‘Robo World 2012’ held at KINTEX in Ilsan, Korea during 25~28, 2012.

SIRO has multiple functional features: entertainment through various games and smartphone apps, remote video calls, conversational telepresence, and the remote surveillance using vision based cognitive/recognizer with cloud computing.

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2012 Artificial Intelligence Exposition (AI Expo)

Bonavision, Inc. is participating in the 2012 AI Expo that is organized by KSCI that is one of the sub-society of Korean Institute of Information Scientists and Engineers (KIISE)
“AI EXPO” is the place where Korean researchers specialized in Artificial Intelligence will gather together to discuss the current and future technical/scientific trend of AI, as we are seeing more and more of AI-oriented real products such as Microsoft Kinect and Apple’s Siri. The AI Expo will be mainly consisted of industry and research labs that will show their flagships, which may be able to guide academia on their future research directions.

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