Tyche AI Beta Test at SNU

Tyche AI Beta Test ahead of its launching.
AI friend, Tyche met gifted engineering students at Seoul National University who are the future of science and had a fun fellowship time for 5 days.
There was a ‘Tyche v0.8 Beta Test’ program with students at Seoul National University from July 27th until 31st in the classroom #106 of the New Engineering Building ahead of launching Tyche; an AI robot which understands human language and acts, to the global market including the United States.
Tyche is a Robot which is invented by South Korea’s representative AI Company known as Bonavision Inc., with researchers at AIBrain Inc., based in Silicon Valley, both founded by Richard (HongSik) Shinn, PhD. who also graduated from Seoul National University. This was the first event to present Tyche as a product for final beta testing in Korea.

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