A reasoning framework for incremental learning and problem solving of intelligent agent.


  • AICoRE builds your “Robot Brain”!
  • AICoRE is an inborn reasoner of incremental learning and problem solving.

A robot who has human-like intelligence can only talk to us, humans.

  • It should be able to reason with the world through sensors.
  • It should be able to solve problems.
  • It should be able to learn knowledge with machine learning mechanisms most of which are based on an analogical or case-based reasoning algorithm.
  • It updates its memory with newly acquired knowledge.
  • Next time, it solves a new problem using Memory of all acquired knowledge.

"Robot Brain" Creator Intelligent Toolkit Developer Professional

  • AICoRE is an intelligent agent building framework for a user to create an intelligent agent.
  • AICoRE is composed of the following component systems: agR Meta-level Engine, agProblemSolver, agLearner,
  • agMemory, agCommunicationSystem including agNaturalLanguageInterface and agVisionInterface.