Turing AI School 4.1 with Dalian American International School, China

Turing AI School 4.1 with Dalian American International School, China

AIBrain conducted another TAIS program this time with high-schoolers, for a longer period and delve deeper into the practical application of Artificial Intelligence in various fields.

The workshop that lasted for 4 days covered topics from Introduction to AI with practical use cases, to building robots by students who this time had more female students attending and taking the lead. The application of Ai in music, natural language understanding including sentence emotion recognition, game AI and introduction to networked devices in an IoT environment through iRSP were experienced.

TAIS aims to not only teach but mentor and let participants have real hands-on-practice with AI technologies and take away tangible skills that can be explored to build interest and future careers to them. The program is offered offline in schools or small groups and will soon be be launched online through some of the popular learning management system platforms.

Get in touch with us to experience the vast AI knowledge and practicals we offer here at AIBrain.
Thank you very much.

Wilfred Odoyo
AI instructor and mentor.

AIBrain AG attracts excited visitors to Europes Biggest Tech Show: IFA 2018

AIBrain AG attracts excited visitors to Europes Biggest Tech Show: IFA 2018

September 6, 2018 – Berlin, Germany – AIBrain AG showed off it’s cool A.I. gadgets and technology at IFA 2018 which ran from Aug. 31, 2018 to Sept. 5, 2018. “These are very exciting times for AIBrain AG as we are presenting leading edge A.I. products and technologies this week”, said, Oswald Berthold, Technology & Product Lead at AIBrain AG. “We are showing off multitude of state of the art items this week.”

Fiona: AIBrain’s Humanoid Robot

Some of the AIBrain’s items that were displayed included:

  • Fiona, Gretchen: Humanoid Robot
  • Tyche: A.I. Toy Robot for children 8+ years old
  • A.I. Music: A.I. generated lyrics and tunes
  • Athena: A.I. Guide Robot
  • Futurable: Future Life A.I. Simulation Game

AIBrain AG was established in Berlin, Germany in 2017 to expand into the European market and IFA 2018 was the coming our party for the company. “We had a tremendous turnout at our booth and our products and technology was accepted very well by the folks that visited our booth”, continued Berthold.

A.I. Music: Visitors listening to A.I. generated music



About AIBrain AG

Founded in 2017, AIBrain AG is an artificial intelligence company with the goal of building fully autonomous AI by unifying the three essential aspects of intelligence, namely Problem Solving, Learning, and Memory. AIBrain delivers the full autonomy based on its breakthrough technologies: AICoRE (Adaptive Interactive Cognitive Reasoner), a fully autonomous cognitive AI & Memory Graph, AI memory encompassing both episodic and semantic knowledge.



AIBrain Logo

AIBrain Releases fAutonomy, AI Plug-In, for Unity Game Developers

May 14, 2018 – Menlo Park, CA
AIBrain announced today the release of Open Beta of fAutonomy (fA) as a free downloadable plug-in for Unity game developers.
“fAutonomy is the state-of-the-art intelligence builder for all Unity games.
It is the first deep learning AI plug-in in the market,” said Dr. Richard Shinn, Founder & CEO of AIBrain, Inc.
Using Autonomy, users can now create fully autonomous non-player characters (NPC) with Deep Neural Network brains.
fA provides non-scripted AI agent behaviors.
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[ Interview with Dr Richard H. Shinn ] Up to date business intelligence reports covering developments in the world’s fastest growing industries

[ Interview with Dr Richard H. Shinn, CEO, AIBrain Inc. ]

Up to date business intelligence reports covering

developments in the world’s fastest growing industries


Interview conducted 24 October 2017 at Menlo Park, Silicon Valley, CA.

Dr Richard Shinn speaking from Berlin via Skype with Fiona Fox from Acquisdata



Company Overview


1. Artificial Intelligence – Overview

2. AIBrain – Global AI company

3. AIBrain – Outlook for AIBrain

4. AIBrain – Current Products – Daisy

5. AIBrain – Current Products – Full Autonomy (fA)

6. AIBrain – Current Products – Tyche

7. AIBrain – Current Products – Evolution


snapshot 1

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[ Interview with Dr Richard H. Shinn CEO AIBrain Inc ]

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KAIb wins the third place in NIPS Conversational Intelligence Challenge

Dec. 8, 2017 – Long Beach, CA

AIBrain along with KAIST came in 3rd place at Neural Information Processing Systems (NIPS) finals of Conversational Intelligence Challe0e8 organized with AI research universities. This competition started in December 2017 with over 200 competitors and AIBrain was one of the 6 finalists in the competition. Six teams from the University of Wroclaw, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, McGill University, KAIb (KAIST & AIBrain), UMass Lowell’s Text Machine Lab & Trinity College, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, and Fudan University took part in the competition finals. Although AIBrain team came in third place, it was later revealed that AIBrain used only 3 conversational modules whereas the winners used 11 modules.

Final Leaderboard of the NIPS Round 2017

1-2* bot#1337 2.746
1-2* poetwannabe 2.536
3 kAIb 2.105
4 RLLChatBot 1.905
5 PolyU 1.5
6 DeepTalkHawk 1.229
Human 3.8

About NIPS Competition

Recent advances in machine learning have sparked a renewed interest for dialogue systems in the research community. In addition to the growing real-world applications, the ability to converse is closely related to the overall goal of AI. This NIPS Live Competition aims to unify the community around the challenging task: building systems capable of intelligent conversations. Teams are expected to submit dialogue systems able to carry out intelligent and natural conversations about specific news articles with humans. At the final stage of the competition, participants, as well as volunteers, will be randomly matched with a bot or a human to chat and evaluate answers of a peer. We expect the competition to have two major outcomes: (1) a measure of quality of state-of-the-art dialogue systems, and (2) an open-source dataset collected from evaluated dialogues.

[ Datamation ] Top 20 Artificial Intelligence Companies

” Top 20 Artificial Intelligence Companies ”
These artificial intelligence companies are advancing this emerging tech through myriad variations on AI systems.


Artificial intelligence companies are sprouting up all over, though AI itself is far from new. At its deepest sense, artificial intelligence (AI) has been around for a very long time — its intellectual roots are found in Greek mythology. To be sure, artificial intelligence is progressing rapidly, with key advancements ranging from virtual assistants (such as Apple’s Siri and Microsoft Cortana) to fraud detection. This emerging tech now plays a part in everyday life.
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한국전자인증, ‘AIBrain’ 자율주행ㆍ안면인식 적용 로봇 상용화

[회사 업무용·가정용 홈서비스 로봇 ‘아테나’ 상용화…스마트폰 로봇 4월 출시]

한국전자인증의 출자법인인 인공지능 전문기업 에이아이브레인(AIBrain)이 올해 자율주행과 안면인식 기능을 접목한 가정용 홈 서비스 로봇을 상용화한다.  이와 함께 스마트폰 로봇 ‘타이키(Tyche)’의 출시도 앞당긴다.
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타이키, 로보월드 2015 참가

타이키, 킨텍스에서 열린 2015 로보월드에서 공개 시연
14개국 33개 종목 5천여명 참가 로봇시대 예고

【인터뷰365】산업통산자원부가 주최하고 한국로봇산업협회, 한국로봇산업진흥원, 제어 로봇시스템학회(ICROS)가 주관한 ‘2015년 로보월드’ 행사가 28일 경기도 일산의 킨텍스에서 개막되어 많은 어린이들과 청소년들의 발길을 모으고 있다.

우리나라와 일본 중국 등 세계 14개국의 로봇 제조기업 및 산업 연구기관에서 출품한 33개 종목의 각종 로봇이 전시된 가운데 보나비젼과 AI브레인이 개발한 타이키(TYCHE)도 교육용 로봇관에 선을 보여 많은 참관 시민들 관심을 모으고 있다.

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